Monthly Archives: December 2016

Battle Armor Elsa Custom

My inspiration for this figure came from seeing Jessica Nigri as Elsa in battle armor, which led me to Gladzy Kei’s original art that inspired Jessica. I used both the original art and Jessica’s costume as a reference. Used a DC Comics Teen Titans Supergirl as the base figure which requires some modifications, mostly adding a little epoxy sculpt for the edge of the armor and shoulder piece. This has been my most detailed figure that I painted by hand, and I think she turned out incredible.

Be sure to check out Jessica Nigri on Facebook and Gladzy Kei’s Facebook, and be sure to take a look at her Moana cosplay.

You can see the progress, and there a numerous pictures, in my Battle Armor Elsa project.

Perhaps the greatest part is that Gladzy Kei liked the figure, so I sent it to her, the challenge of doing the custom is what I wanted.

You can also see her show off the figure on her Box of Stuff video that happens to be right here. Check out 3:25!!