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We did it together

As inauguration day approaches we are split almost in half, those who are excited and those of us who are worried, who voted for trump and who didn’t.  Make no mistake I am one who is concerned for our country with him in charge.  I did not vote for him but I truly believe that I and so many others did get him into office.

I helped pave the way for trump to become president.  Certainly I am not the only one but I can only speak for myself and see who else might agree.  I have been able to vote for the last 24 years and I did not take the privilege seriously.  When I turned 18 I did not register to vote because in Indiana that would have put me in the jury select pool.  When I did register to vote I only really did so because Indiana started pulling jurors from licensed drivers.  So here I am registered to vote so I might as well do it.  I was not responsible in my civic duty and that started my paving the path to trumps’ victory.

Through all of this, and before I turned 18 I saw things I didn’t like about our government, the way our country was going.  Under 18 there wasn’t much I could do about it but once I was allowed to vote I didn’t.  I sat there and thought this isn’t good but didn’t do my part to improve it.  Once I will begin voting I started by voting based on party affiliation and then the big “ideas” they put into their commercials.  Too many people including myself do not look into the canidates as much as they should.  Look at the 2016 Presidential election, how many times have supporters on both side admitted they were informed by social media.  May the best meme win.

Here is where I and so many others have put America in the position it is in in 2017.  Our apathy, laziness in being active in our government, in our elected leaders decision making, have made our country worse.  We all can surely complain about everything but how many of us have ever tried to make our voices heard by those who need to hear it?

How did everyone end up putting trump in office?  By making choices based on sound bites, by not calling our elected officials out when the go against what we want, we have let the government run itself.  It favors those who are in it and seems to have very little regard for the people.  We are so angry about the state of our country, our government that we are looking for a change.  Career politicians use the system for their own gain and not for the benefit of their constituents.  Now we were given the option of someone with no political experience, a successful business man who speaks his mind.  Voting for a politician, even one who is trying to change things has not gotten the results we wanted, if subtleties gets no result let’s go big.

We have grown tired of the way things are and want someone to change them and what better way than the extreme bolstering ways of donald trump?  There is no way anyone can deny the appeal of a man like trump shaking things up.  Who can buy him?  Who can influence him?  Imagine the change he can bring.  This is exciting to think and it is also the reason we are fearful for our future.

Regardless of your thoughts of what the future holds we all put him in the White House.  Because we have done little to nothing to run OUR government.  Now is the time to start participating, to hold trump accountable for his actions.  If you support him make sure he acts like you expected him too, keep him on course to be the President you believe him to be.  Those of us who don’t have the faith in him also need to hold him accountable, to let him and our congressmen know what we want.  It’s time to stop complaining that he won and work towards a better tomorrow, stop blaming your friends who voted for him and do YOUR part.  Just be sure to give them as much crap as you can do after all you are friends.


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